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The first Certified Wireless USB products are coming soon.

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Fact: With Certified Wireless USB, you can move huge amounts of data - fast. No other wireless technology today can transfer large amounts of data, like your personal music or picture libraries, with the same speed. Performance is targeted to move data up to 480Mbps at a distance of 3 meters, and 110Mbps at 10 meters.

Fact: Your personal area network will be free from the quagmire of tangled cables behind your PC. Certified Wireless USB preserves the amazing functionality of wired USB while also unwiring the cable connections.

Fact: Certified Wireless USB is energy smart. Your devices remain small and portable but with longer battery life.

Fact: You can transfer data from one device to another. Certified Wireless USB has the ability to support dual role devices, meaning you can connect your camera directly to devices like your printer or TV.

Fact: Support your entire personal area network - you can connect up to 127 devices. A single Certified Wireless USB host can connect up to 127 different devices simultaneously.

Fact: Certified Wireless USB is simple, just like wired USB. Easily set up your wireless connections.