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Shopping for USB

We recommend the following when shopping for products with USB:

  1. Look for one or more USB ports like this one on the back of the PC. Most new desktop PCs feature a pair of USB ports.
    USB Socket
  2. For USB to work, your PC must have an Operating System that was built to understand USB. Most PCs now shipping feature such an operating system. You can tell if you have the USB-compliant version of Windows installed by using a free USB evaluation utility (revision 3.01) you can download directly from this site.
  3. Make sure your new PC and peripherals are USB-compliant! All products listed in the USB products guide have passed a set of tests defined by the creators of USB. If you still have questions, don't be afraid to ask your retailer for a demonstration!
  4. USB peripherals should be identified with appropriate packaging and also ship with a USB cable and literature. The USB cable looks like this:
    USB Plug