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Cable Assembly and Connector Test Requirements

The USB-IF Integrators List criteria for cables and connectors has been greatly enhanced. We now require testing as described in the Cable Assembly Test Matrix and Connector Test Matrix. This means that you can have very high confidence that a product on the Integrators List will work well for both Original USB and Hi-Speed USB systems, hubs and peripherals. We have removed products from the list that were not tested after January of 1999 and therefore did not test to this criteria. If your product was tested before 1999, you would need to retest.

Captive cables are defined by the USB spec to be cables that do not have a B connector at one end, that include both soldered in place cables and cables with some other connector at the end opposite the A connector. Captive cables are not qualified or listed on the Integrators List. The A connector used to construct the cable is simply required to be listed on the checklist for the peripheral or hub in which it is used. The A connector used is required to be listed in the Integrators List in order for that peripheral or hub to qualify to be listed. For additional details on how to do testing, please reference the Cable and Connector Class Document.

If you manufacture cables or connectors and would like to get your products tested and on the list, please contact one of the qualified labs listed below to run these tests. Manufacturers should note that a connector must be submitted assembled into a cable assembly with a mating receptacle to be tested. If you do not manufacture both mating parts or assemble cables you must still choose a vendor and supply the assembled, mated set for testing. For additional details on how to do testing, please reference the Cable and Connector Class Document.

USB 3.0 Cable Assembly and Connector Test Requirements

USB 3.0 Cable and Connector Compliance Document Rev 1.0


View the list of available labs that test this type of product.