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Compliance Checklists

Compliance checklists are a simple set of questions measuring product compliance in areas that are difficult to test. Checklists should be used during the design phase as a 'memory jogger' to make sure products are designed to be compliant. Upon completing a product, checklists are self-disclosure statements of specific areas of product compliance. By checking these items,you indicate that your product design aimed for and (in your estimate) met these requirements. An Acrobat user profile is required to insert the electronic signature.

There are 10 lists to focus questions on different types of designs. Fill out the checklist that applies to your type of product and submit a soft copy when registering your product for testing online or bring to a Compliance Workshop to turn it in. Compound devices should submit both HUB and Peripheral Checklists. These checklists may be updated periodically or additional ones added based on usage feedback from members.

    USB Type-CTM Checklists

    SuperSpeed USB Checklists


           USB 2.0 Checklists


    Demonstrated Operation

    For USB devices, demonstrated operation means using the device in its normal mode for its intended usage. Device drivers (either provided in the OS, or provided by the vendor) are required to complete this portion. Testing will include operation with other devices including through tiers of hubs. Testing will also validate the ability of the device and driver to handle hot-insertions and hot-extractions without locking up the system. All demonstrated operation is done at Compliance Workshops.