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Integrators List

The USB-IF Integrators List is a list of USB products that have met the criteria established by the USB-IF Compliance Program and therefore are eligible to bear the USB-IF Logo. In order for a company to use the Trademarked USB logo in conjunction with a product, the following requirements must be met:

  • The products must pass USB-IF Compliance Testing for product quality and be listed on the Integrators List under their company name.
  • The company must execute the USB-IF Trademark License Agreement.

USB-IF members can view the entire Integrators List. Non-member logo licensees can view only their own product information. This list is a USB-IF Proprietary document and is confidential to USB-IF member companies. The list cannot be used for any public marketing purposes. USB-IF provides a public marketing tool for member companies in the Products Section of this web site.

The list is separated into sections for each type of product and the testing for each product type differs.