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Silicon Building Blocks Test Requirements

For silicon building blocks such as ASIC libraries, USB interface chips or micro controllers with USB interface built-in, qualification for the logo and Integrators List requires exactly the same testing that a completed assembly requires and a completed Hub Silicon Checklist (pdf, 892k) or Peripheral Silicon Checklist (pdf, 540k) for the building block. It is necessary for a building block supplier to construct a final product (or reference platform) based on their building block product and test that product as anyone using their building blocks would do. A Peripheral Checklist must be submitted for the reference platform.  Hub Silicon must also complete USBHTT testing.

In some cases a vendor of building blocks can cooperate with one of their first customers to test both the building block and the customers final product at the same time. The vendor and the customer simply need to cooperate and share the information and possibly the cost of testing and inform USB-IF that both their products are being tested for inclusion in the Integrators List. The additional required checklist for the building block will serve to notify USB-IF of the intention of listing both products.

The second common approach to testing a building block product is to use the reference design that almost all building block suppliers provide to construct a final product that is not intended for sale and does not need to be listed or use the USB-IF Logo. This would be done typically by any company in the process of developing the reference design to prove out the design and is essentially an example of a product that could be built with the building blocks being sold or a dummy product.


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