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Approved Class Specification Documents 

If you have questions regarding any of these documents please contact the DWG chair ( and your questions will be channeled to the appropriate group.

Audio Class

Audio Device Class Spec for Basic Audio Devices and Adopters Agreement (.zip format, size 1.33MB)
Audio Device Document 1.0
Audio Data Formats 1.0
Audio Terminal Types 1.0
USB MIDI Devices 1.0
Audio Devices Rev. 2.0 Spec and Adopters Agreement (.zip format, size 1.28 MB) 

Audio/Video Device Class

Audio/Video Device Class v1.0 Spec and Adopters Agreement (.zip format, size 11.5 MB)
AVSchema Documentation
AVSchema Files: and

AVDD Creator User Manual (.pdf format, 472 KB)
AVDD Creator Installer (.zip format, 126 MB)
USB Device Class Definition for Audio/Video Devices Basic Device Profile (BDP) (.pdf format, 1.20 MB)

Battery Charging

Battery Charging v1.2 Spec and Adopters Agreement (.zip format, size 1.30 MB)
Battery Charging v1.1 Spec and Adopters Agreement (.zip format, size 292 KB)

USB Battery Charging 1.2 Compliance Plan (Revision 1.0)

Cable and Connector

USB 3.0 Connectors and Cable Assemblies Document Rev. 1.02
Cable and Connector Class 2.0 
Series 'A' Plug form factor Guideline 1.0
USB Connector for Mezzanine Applications Guidelines Rev. 1.0
Micro-USB Cables and Connectors v1.01 Spec and Adopters Agreement
USB Thin Card v1.0 and Adopters Agreement

Common Class (CCS)

Common Class Base Specification 1.0

Communications Device Class

Class definitions for Communication Devices 1.2 (.zip file format, size 3.42 MB)
the components of CDC 1.1 have been reorganized as five separate documents and associated errata:
ATM120.pdf -- CDC Subclass for Asynchronous Transfer Mode Devices
CDC120-20101103-track.pdf - CDC Subclass for Communications Devices
CDC120-Errata1.pdf ECM120.pdf - CDC Subclass for Ethernet Control Model Devices
ISDN120.pdf -- CDC Subclass for ISDN Devices
PSTN120.pdf -- CDC Subclass for PSTN devices
WMC110-20101103-track.pdf - CDC Subclass for Wireless Mobile Communication Devices 1.1
WMC110-Errata1.pdf and CDC v1.2 WMC v1.1 Errata 1 Adopters Agreement

Errata updates for CDC v1.2 and WMC v1.1 as of DEC-2012 (.zip file format, size 2.5 MB)
2012-08-02-CDC120_errata.pdf 2012-08-02-CDCErrata-1.pdf -- CDC Subclass for Communications Devices
2012-07-31-WMC110_errata.pdf 2012-07-31-WMCErrata-1.pdf -- CDC Subclass for Wireless Mobile Communications Devices 1.1
CDC v1.2 WMC v1.1 Errata 1 Adopters Agreement

CDC Subclass Specification for Ethernet Emulation Model Devices 1.0

Network Control Model Devices Specification v1.0 and errata and Adopters Agreement (.zip format, size 948 KB)

Mobile Broadband Interface Model v1.0 Errata -1 and Adopters Agreement (.zip format, size 3.62MB)

MBIM Compliance Testing v1.0 (.pdf, 1.23MB)

Content Security

Device Class Definition for Content Security Devices 2.0
Content Security Method 1 - Basic Authentication Protocol 1.0
Content Security Method 2 - USB Digital Transmission Content Protection Implementation 1.0
Content Security Method 5 - High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection 2.1 (HDCP 2.1) Implementation

Device Firmware Upgrade Group

Device Firmware Upgrade 1.1 (new version 31-Aug-2004)

HID Class

HID Information

Imaging Class

Still Image Capture Device Definition 1.0 and Errata as of 16-Mar-2007 (.zip format, size 200 KB)


IrDA Bridge Device Definition 1.0

Mass Storage

Mass Storage Class Specification Overview 1.4
Mass Storage Bulk Only 1.0
Mass Storage Control/Bulk/Interrupt (CBI) Specification 1.1  
Mass Storage UFI Command Specification 1.0
Mass Storage Bootability Specification 1.0
Lockable Mass Storage Specification 1.0 and Adopters Agreement (.zip format, size 288 KB)
  - Lockable Mass Storage IP Disclosure
USB Attached SCSI Protocol (UASP) v1.0 and Adopters Agreement (.zip format, size 204 KB)
USB Mass Storage Class Specification for UASP Bootability v1.0 and Adopters Agreement (.zip format, size 503 KB)

Media Transfer Protocol

Media Transfer Protocol v.1.1 Spec and MTP v.1.1 Adopters Agreement (.zip format, size 1.98MB)


Monitor Device Document 1.0


OpenUSBDI Specification 1.0

Personal Healthcare

Personal Healthcare Rev. 1.0, Errata for USB Personal Health Care Device Class and Personal Healthcare Adopters Agreement (.zip format, size 386 KB)

Physical Interface Devices

Device Class Definition for PID 1.0


Power Device Class Document 1.0

Printer Class

Printer Device Class Document 1.1
IPP Protocol 1.0 and Adopters Agreement (.zip, 1.32 MB)

Smart Card Class

Smart Card CCID version 1.1
Smart Card ICCD version 1.0

Test & Measurement Class

Test & Measurement Class Specifications

Video Class

Video Class 1.5 document set (.zip format, size 6.58MB)
   UVC 1.5 Class specification.pdf
   USB_Video_Example 1.5.pdf

Video Class 1.1 document set (.zip format, size 6.78 MB)
    USB_Video_Payload_H 264_1.0