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Presentations from our past conferences are downloadable from this page in case you have not been able to attend.

Compliance Updates

Please review the USB-IF Compliance Updates webpage frequently and subscribe to the news feed for the latest information regarding the USB-IF Compliance Program.

USB Current Adapters

The USB-IF is providing a limited number of USB current adapters to USB-IF member companies while supplies last.


A USB device can store strings in multiple languages. i.e. the string index defines which word or phrase should be communicated to the user (like "Format" or "Insert Disk") and the LANGID code identifies to a device, which language (German, Chinese, etc.) to retrieve that word or phase for. Here is a list of LANGIDs (.pdf file format, size 34k) defined for USB devices.

Note: To support forward compatibility, system software must allow the enumeration and selection of LANGIDs that are not currently on this list. And system software should never request a LANGID not defined in the LANGID code array (string index = 0) presented by a device.