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USB-IF USBHTT Manufacturer Self-Testing Program

USBHTT is a compliance test tool which evaluates Hi-Speed USB Hubs for conformance to the USB Hub device class (Chapter 11).  USBHTT testing is a requirement for Hi-Speed USB Hub silicon certification. It is not required for end product hub certification.  The USB-IF has developed a procedure for Manufacturer self-testing and submitting USBHTT Results.  The USB-IF will evaluate the Manufacturer submitted USBHTT Results to determine whether the submitted product has passed or failed USBHTT and will notify the Manufacturer of the determination.  Prior to submitting the USBHTT Results, a Hi-Speed USB Hub silicon product must be submitted to a USB-IF approved Independent Test Facility for Electrical and Functional testing and must have a valid USB-IF TID issued.  In the USB-IF response to the USBHTT Results submission, the Manufacturer may be required to submit a minimum of five hub samples (identical to the hubs used to obtain the USBHTT Results) to the USB-IF at a location specified by the USB-IF.  The USB-IF may perform any or all of the tests specified in USBHTT to verify the submitted USBHTT Results.  The USB-IF may contact the Manufacturer regarding any questions or discrepancies with USBHTT test procedures, or submitted USBHTT Results.

Steps required to obtain USBHTT verification for USB Hub silicon certification:

  • Submit the USB Hub silicon product to a USB-IF approved Independent Test Facility for electrical and functional testing and obtain valid USB-IF TID. 
  • Download the latest version of the USB2 Hub Transaction Translator Test Suite from the USB-IF website and follow the procedures for testing the USB Hub silicon product.
  • Agree to the USB IMPLEMENTERS FORUM USB HUB AND TRANSACTION TRANSLATOR SELF-TESTING AGREEMENT and provide the required information on USBHTT Test Submission Web Form.
  • Submit the USBHTT test result files as instructed.  An email including instructions for submission of test results will be sent from the USB-IF following your acceptance of the Agreement and completion of the online request form.
  • Respond to any USB-IF test inquiries or requests for identical product samples.

The USB-IF will evaluate the test results and notify the Manufacturer of the Pass or Fail determination.


Continue to the USBHTT Self-Testing Agreement.