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Hi-Speed USB Development Tools

  1. If you want to 'upgrade' your PC to include Hi-Speed USB support, you can find PCI add-in cards at many retailers e.g. Fry’s, CompUSA, Microcenter, etc. All the add-in cards contained in the product search on this site have passed compliance testing and are certified to bear the USB logo.

  2. Hi-Speed USB Drivers are available for download using Windows Update. For additional information regarding Hi-Speed USB support in Windows XP and Windows 2000, please visit

  3. Single Step Transaction Debugger (SSTD)
    This tool allows single transactions to be sent to a high-speed device. This is useful for low level debug. This application only works with the Windows 2000 and Windows XP driver for Hi-Speed USB (see item 2 above). The SSTD User Guide, which documents how to use the SSTD debugging tool, is included.

Hi-Speed USB Information

  • USB 2.0 Adopters Agreement - The purpose of the Adopters Agreement is to facilitate the development of products that can interoperate, interconnect and/or communicate with one another in the manner defined in the USB 2.0 interface specification and its adopted supplements. Companies that sign an Adopters Agreement: (i) are obligated to license on a royalty-free and non-discriminatory basis, certain IP that would be necessarily infringed by products compliant with the final USB 2.0 interface specification or its adopted supplements; and (ii) will receive a license of the same scope from the USB 2.0 Promoters and other companies that have signed Adopters Agreements. This IP licensing obligation does not cover technologies your company may use to design or manufacture USB 2.0 products, which are not expressly set forth in the final USB 2.0 interface specification or its adopted supplements (e.g. manufacturing technology). You should carefully review the specific terms of the Adopters Agreement before signing. Any USB 2.0 Adopters Agreement shall only be effective if received within one (1) year after first sale of products that include 'Compliant Products'. See the USB 2.0 Adopters Agreement for details.

  • Hi-Speed USB Frequently Asked Questions - These questions are compiled from a list of most common questions asked on Hi-Speed USB topic.