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Hi-Speed FAQ

1: What maximum speed was finally chosen for the USB 2.0 spec?
A: The USB 2.0 specification has a design data rate of 480 mega bits per second.

2: Aren't the requirements for cables different at the new higher speed or will Original USB cables work with Hi-Speed USB?
A: Fully compliant Original USB cables will work fine at Hi-Speed USB speeds. USB cables are not all fully Original USB compliant and it is important to evaluate cables that you intend to include in your products. The USB-IF has started a program for accurately testing cables to make it easier to pick a good quality USB cable that will work correctly for both Original USB now and Hi-Speed USB in the future. You should look to the Integrators List on USB-IF Members-only section of the USB-IF web site (you will need to input your USB-IF username and password to access it) to identify products that have passed that testing program in order to minimize your risk of customer problems caused by poor cable quality.

3: When will Hi-Speed USB be available for me as a developer?
A: The final USB 2.0 specification has been released and is available for download. Vendors must sign an Adopters Agreement to participate in royalty-free licensing for Hi-Speed USB compliant products.

4: Where do I find technical FAQs for USB?
A: The USB Tech FAQ page.