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October 2007 Developers Conference Presentations 


Session Company Speaker
Keynote Intel Jeff Ravencraft
Certified Wireless USB Compliance  Intel Dan Froelich
Certified Wireless USB Data Transfer and Protocol  Intel Dan Froelich
Certified Wireless USB Security and Association Models Intel   Preston Hunt
Certified Wireless USB Architecture Overview      Intel Abdul Ismail
Certified Wireless USB and Windows Microsoft Zach Little

Tuesday - Track One

Session Company Speaker
Software Designs for Certified Wireless USB Systems  Stonestreet One David Brenner
Passing European Regulations and RF Design Considerations   TDK Pat Carson
Certified Wireless USB Periodic Tranfer Models Intel Dan Froelich
Wireless USB 1.1 Additions and Improvements Intel Abdul Ismail
USB 3.0 Update Intel Jeff Ravencraft
Abdul Ismail
Developing a Device Based on the Certified Wireless USB Spec NXP Semiconducors Bart Vertenten

Tuesday - Track Two

Session Company Speaker
Silicon Solutions Staccato Communications Jeff Chang
Design Considerations for Self-Beaconing, Dual-Role, and Multi-PAL Devices  Synopsys Matthew Myers
Data Bursting NXP Semiconducors Bart Vertenten