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Wireless USB Compliance Testing

  1. Download and review the test specifications and test tools, and pre-test your products by referring to the test matix 
  2. Register your product for testing at one of the authorized Independent Test labs or fill out the Wireless USB Certification Lab visit request form (optional) to schedule debug our Host Adapter (WHCI &HWA) with uncertified silicon testing.
  3. Complete the Wireless USB product checklist and submit to the USB-IF
  4. Compliant products will be posted to the USB-IF Integrators List  

PDK Support

To assist in Wireless USB product development, the USB-IF Peripheral Development Kit (PDK) for Certified Wireless USB is now available in the USB-IF eStore.  If you have already purchased a PDK, please refer to the PDK Support Information found on the Wireless USB Tools page for the latest firmware updates, Wireless USBCV tool and other important information.

Qualification by Similarity

When products are very similar, testing of one product may allow the other similar products to be added to the Integrators List without re-testing.  Please see Qualification by Similarity for additional information.