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Wireless USB Software and Hardware Tools

Wireless USBCV Tool

The Wireless USBCV tool Ver (Jul 17, 2009) and test procedures are available here.  If you have any questions, please contact  

If you are running 64-bit Windows Server 2003 or 64-bit Windows Vista, download Wireless USBCV for HWA only.

Wireless USB Command Verifier (WUSBCV) is the compliance test tool which evaluates Wireless USB devices for conformance to the WUSB Host and Device Framework tests.  Also included are EVM, WUSB Downstream Electrical Test modes, and PER tests.  All Wireless USB peripherals are required to pass the Device Framework tests, EVM, Downstream Electrical, and functionally pass PER tests in order to gain certification.

EVM Tool

This tool is used to analyze data gathered by a high speed, real time scope as part of the Wireless USB electrical test procedures.  EVM Tool Ver 1.0 (November 7, 2007) is available here.

WHCI-based PDK Support

User Documentation

WHCI-based PDK Firmware Update:

It is strongly recommended that all PDK users update PDKs to the latest version firmware available.  PDK support will be based on using the most recent version of the firmware.


It is necessary to use the version of WHCI-based PDK Firmware that matches your version of the PDK hardware.

  • For WHCI PDK versions with a serial number TXP080124-xxx, TXP070420-xxx, use: Firmware Version: (.exe format, 223 KB size)
  • For WHCI PDK versions with a serial number TXP0648-xxx and other previous versions, use: Firmware Version: (.exe format, 223 KB size)
  • For WHCI PDK versions with a serial number TXP07060-xxx, TXP09010-xxx, TXP06440-xxx use: Firmware Version: (.exe format, 223 KB size)


Firmware Installation Instructions:

- Uninstall any previous versions of the PDK Firmware Update Tool.

- Download and install the current PDK Firmware Update Tool on the Windows XP based system that has the PDK inserted in a PCI slot.  It is not necessary to have Wireless USB drivers installed to use the firmware update tool. 

- Execute the Firmware Update Tool and follow instructions.

- Reboot the system after completing the Firmware Update.

- The Firmware Update Tool installer will place a shortcut on the desktop that can be used to update another PDK or re-install the firmware on the installed PDK.


Note that it is necessary to update the PDK Firmware with the PHY connected.  Changing PHY's after the Firmware is updated will cause operational errors.  If errors occur, repeat the firmware update procedure with the PHY connected.  Using a PHY other than the one supplied with the PDK is not supported and may cause errors.


Preproduction quality Wireless USB Drivers are available from Microsoft Corporation. Please note that these drivers are to be used for testing, development, and pre-certification purposes only

Microsoft Drivers: It is the responsibility of each PDK purchaser to contact Microsoft for access to drivers. An NDA must be in place with Microsoft before you are able to access the drivers. Please contact Zach Little at for more information.