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Search supports the keywords AND and OR as well as "quoting" multiple terms for an exact match. It also supports term grouping by parenthesis and partial word matching (aka. globbing). Note that all searches are case insensitive. Searches recognize the + and - operators. Use quotes if you want to search for a term preceeded by either of these operators (e.g., "-user" to find documents that contain this text string).

  • "user email" - Finds all documents with this exact phrase.
  • user AND email - Finds all documents with BOTH user and email in them.
  • user OR email - Finds all documents with EITHER user or email in them.
  • (email OR domain) AND url - Finds all docuements with EITHER user or email AND url in them.
  • user* - Finds all ducuments with all the partial word user in them. For example it would find documents that contain user, users, username, etc.
  • user -email - Finds all documents that contain user but NOT email.