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October 2012

IEC endorses four USB specifications
[August/September 2012] IEC e-Tech

April 2012

Which USB is right for your application?
[4.8.2012] EE Times

March 2012

A Reader’s Companion to Ultrabooks’
[3.29.2012]New York Times

January 2012

Smartphones and Tablets will have USB 3.0 Ports in 2012
[1.8.2012] Technorati

High-Speed USB to Reach Smartphones, Tablets by Year End
[1.8.2012] PCWorld

USB 3.0 picks up mobile backup space
[1.7.2012] Think Digit

December 2011

USB 3.0 set to land big on Intel PCs in 2012
[12.16.2012] FierceCIO TechWatch

September 2011

Intel’s Ivy Bridge chip packs understated goodies
[9.15.2011] CNET

DisplayLink Unveils World’s First USB 3.0 Graphics Adapter
[9.13.2011]Hot Hardware

March 2011

USB-IF Certified a New Wave of SuperSpeed USB Consumer Products
[03.04.11] TMCnet

Full Speed Ahead: More USB 3.0 Devices Certified by USB-IF
[03.03.11] All USB

More USB 3.0 Products Certified
[03.02.11] DTWICE

USB-IF Certifies 200 SuperSpeed Products, Starts New Certification Program
[03.01.11] Softpedia

USB-IF Launches USB 3.0 Cable and Connector Certification Program
[03.01.11] InterConnection World

January 2011

USB 3.0 Gaining Fast Momentum

Speedy USB 3.0 Spec Quickly Becomes a Consumer Reality
[01.07.11] PC World

January 2010

CES 2010: USB 3.0 – Kicking Ass and Taking Names Ten Times Faster

[01.12.10] Pixalated Geek


SuperSpeed USB roll-out raises steam

[1.12.10] Register Hardware


CES 2010: USB Implementers Forum

[01.12.10] Into Tomorrow (Video)


First USB 3.0 Products Launched, Mobile Next

[01.11.10] Into Mobile


CES: Networking and storage in Las Vegas: What didn't stay there

 [01.11.10] CNET


USB 3.0 speeds data

[1.11.10] Financial Times


Have You Heard About SuperSpeed USB? Just Wait

[1.11.10] Extreme Tech


USB 3.0 Finally Arrives

[1.10.10] PC World


USB 3.0 SuperSpeed gone wild at CES 2010 trumps even your new SSD

[1.10.10] Engadget


Dailymotion - CES 2010 video - Superspeed USB

[1.09.10] Daily Motion (Video)


CES: USB 3.0 Arrives in HP Laptop: Yes, It's Fast

[1.09.10] CNET