USB4™ Test Tools

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USB Vendor Info File Generator

USB Vendor Info File Generator Version (Updated October 9, 2020 ) can be downloaded here.


This tool is used to test the Logical Layer, Protocol Layer, and Tunneling functionality of a USB4 Router. This tool takes control over the USB4 Connection Manager and renders all products connected to it unusable. USB4CV should not be installed on an oscilloscope or any system that uses USB as its only form of input from the user.

The USB4CV tool Ver. (Updated October 15, 2020) is available below.

NOTE 1: In order to use USB4CV, User Account Control (UAC) must be turned off. After turning off UAC, the system must be rebooted.
NOTE 2: The USB4CV tool is supported on Windows 10 and above.  

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For vendors seeking version numbers to be used at upcoming workshops please visit the compliance updates page found here.

USB4 Electrical Test Tool (ETT)

This tool kit contains the Window-based ETT utility used to initiate test modes on a USB4 Router.

The USB4 ETT tool Ver. 0.9.6 is available below in a zip file.  This includes both GUI and CLI version.  See included documentation for instructions on how to run the tool. 


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