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Start using the USB Logo Now!

Download the USB-IF Trademark License Agreement and Usage Guidelines for the USB-IF Logo. The license agreement must be signed to access Logo artwork and obtain the right to use the Logo with products that pass USB-IF compliance testing.

The agreement necessary for gaining access to the graphics approved for linking to the web site is also available.

How to Join

Do you want to join the USB-IF? You'll find the Implementers Forum members search here, along with the USB-IF Logo and usage guidelines, and the members information maintenance page (including instructions).

Getting a Vendor ID

If you are a new USB product developer looking to get a vendor ID for your company, there are two options for doing this.

Compliance Program

The USB specifications define the product design targets at the level of interfaces and mechanisms. The USB-IF has instituted a Compliance Program that provides reasonable measures of acceptability.


Download the most current revision of the USB specs, conference presentations, whitepapers, and compliance workshop checklists.


Download the most current installation utilities.

Tech FAQ

This FAQ answers most of the commonly asked questions about USB and USB-related products and developments.

What's New

USB Type-C Connectors and Cable Assemblies Compliance Document

Now available here.

 USB Power Delivery

   Read about USB Power Delivery  v3.0



Find out about upcoming USB events : Everything from trade show participation to compatibility workshop schedules to registration forms!