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USB20CV R1.5.6.0

The installation utility, USB20CV for 32-bit Windows contains USB Command Verifier (USB20CV)  and documentation. USB20CV is the compliance test tool which evaluates High, Full and Low-speed USB devices for conformance to the USB Device Framework (Chapter 9), Hub device class (Chapter 11), HID class, and OTG specifications. Also included are mass storage class and USB video class specification tests.  All USB peripherals are required to pass the Device Framework tests in order to gain certification. The other tests are mandatory for certification when supported. If you have installed a previous version of the USB 2.0 Command Verifier, you must uninstall it before installing the new version

USB20CV  is the official test tool for device framework testing. As of April 2007, the mass storage class tests and the video class tests are official and mandatory. This software is provided courtesy of Intel Corporation.

The USB20CV x64Bit revision can be downloaded here.

NOTE: For this workshop we will use version Any software update is a bug fix.

The USB20CV tool is supported on Windows 7 and above only. 

NOTE: Please do not install this tool on a machine that already has previous versions of USB20CV installed. This software release will work on Windows 7 with User Access Control disabled or Windows 8 with User Access Control disabled. This tool requires an Enhanced Host Controller Interface, EHCI. If testing Full or Low-speed devices, an intervening Hi-Speed USB Hub is required. USB20CV uses a special purpose driver for the Hi-Speed USB Host Controller.  USB20CV automatically replaces the standard Microsoft EHCI host driver with its own test stack driver. When USB20CV exits, the original standard Microsoft EHCI host driver is restored. Stack switching has been extensively tested with Microsoft EHCI drivers only. Stack switching has not been tested with USB 2.0 host controller drivers provided by other vendors. Please read the Release Notes for details.


USB Electrical Analysis Tool 2.0, version 1.31.03 for Windows

USBET20 (8MB, August 2017) is a stand-alone electrical signal analysis tool for USB Compliance testing.  USBET20 is the official compliance electrical analysis tool that performs pass/fail assessments on signal quality and inrush current data captured from an oscilloscope. 

NOTE:  Some of the approved oscilloscope test solutions use proprietary software to assess signal quality and inrush current events.  The only official analysis tool for certifying signal quality and inrush current is USBET20 published by the USB-IF.  Please be sure to run captured signal quality and inrush current test data through USBET20 for an official assessment of the measurement.

USBET20 accepts . tsv and . csv data files generated by USB-IF approved digital oscilloscopes and produces the familiar . html results files of the analysis.  


USBHSET version for EHCI

This tool kit contains the Window-based HSET utility used to initiate test modes. Detailed test procedures for high-speed host, hub and device electrical testing, tailored to common test equipment, can be downloaded here . A USB Electrical Analysis Tool is available separately for download (see USBET above).  The procedures for legacy testing can be found in the USB-IF Compliance Program area. This software provided courtesy of Intel Corporation.

NOTE: The USBHSET tool works on Windows 7 and above only.  Email if you would like an old version of the tool that supports XP.

HSET Documentation version 0.41 for EHCI and xHCI

USBHTT 1.2 Release - Windows 2000 and Windows XP only

The installation utility, USBHTT.msi (11 MB), contains the USB2 Hub Transaction Translator Test Suite. USBHTT is a compliance test tool which evaluates Hi-Speed USB Hubs for conformance to the USB Hub device class (Chapter 11). USBHTT suite focuses on protocol evaluation of the transaction translator unit in high-speed hubs. The 1.2 release is a requirement for Hi-Speed USB Hub silicon certification. It is not required for end product hub certification. This version of USBHTT was posted on 7/07/2003. This software release will only work on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Please check the release notes and accompanying documentations for details on using USBHTT and how to provide the USB-IF feedback on issues and suggestions. Some of the USBHTT tests require custom test devices. These devices may be ordered from the USB-IF eStore page USBHTT version 1.2 is a maintenance release that fixes test issues, improves logging features, and removes some tests from required sequences. As one part of Hi-Speed USB Hub silicon certification process, Hub Silicon Manufacturers use the USB-IF USBHTT Manufacturer Self-Testing Program to complete USBHTT test requirements.

USB2.0 Type-C Electrical Test Fixtures

Fixtures for testing the USB2.0 electrical compliance parameters for USB Type-C devices, hosts and hubs are available and exists of two fixtures:

1.    USB2.0 Type-C plug test fixture (FS-HUCP)
2.    USB2.0 Type-C receptacle test fixture (FS-HUCR)


Technical and purchase details can be found at

Allion USB 2.0 Type-C Electrical Test Fixtures

Maintain same test mechanism and methodology with previous design, its much easy for implement certificate test.

There are several fixtures for testing compliance electrical parameters on USB Type-C devices, hosts and hubs, as follows:

1. 15cm USB Type-C C to C Plug Cable with impedance control
2. USB Type-C receptacle test fixture


Detailed Information can be found at

USB Vendor Info File Generator

USB Vendor Info File Generator Version (Updated May 3, 2018) can be downloaded here.

QuadraDraw and QudraView

QuadDraw is the official software for the QuadraMAX hardware, and QuadraView is the official software for viewing the results generated by a QuadraMAX.
The Test Manual can be found here: QuadraMAX Manuel
The latest QuadDraw & QuadraView Software/Firmware installer can be downloaded here:
NOTE: The QuadDraw tool is supported on Windows 7 and above only.
NOTE: QuadDraw requires .NET 4.5

Company List

Please download the Company List and save as usb.if in the same directory where USBCV was installed. Please check the installation instructions for USBCV for details. Remember this list changes almost daily, be sure to get a fresh copy when you use the tools.

Invalid VIDs

The VIDs included on this list have been obsoleted and are not valid.

Compliance Updates

Please review the USB-IF Compliance Updates webpage frequently and subscribe to the news feed for the latest information regarding the USB-IF Compliance Program.