Information for Developers

Start using the USB Logo Now!

Download  the USB-IF Trademark License Agreement and Usage Guidelines for the USB-IF Logo. The license agreement must be signed to access Logo artwork and obtain the right to use the Logo with products that pass USB-IF compliance testing.

The agreement necessary for gaining access to the graphics approved for linking to the web site is also available.

Getting a Vendor ID

If you are a new USB product developer looking to get a vendor ID for your company, there are two options for doing this.

Compliance Program

The USB specifications define the product design targets at the level of interfaces and mechanisms. The USB-IF has instituted a Compliance Program that provides reasonable measures of acceptability.

Document Library 

Access the most current revision of the USB specifications, conference presentations, whitepapers, and compliance workshop checklists.  


Access the most current installation utilities.  Search for Tools within the Document Library to find the latest.  

Valid USB Vendor ID Numbers

Valid USB Vendor ID Number is a list of companies to which USB-IF has assigned each Vendor ID in decimal format. This list is provided as an informational resource. The USB Implementers Forum is the authority which assigns and maintains all USB Vendor ID Numbers. Each number is assigned to one company which has exclusive rights to its use. Unauthorized use of assigned or unassigned USB Vendor ID Numbers is strictly prohibited. This list is updated quarterly.

Invalid VIDs

The VIDs included on this list have been obsoleted and are not valid.


xHCI is USB Spec compatible and provides an interface to different hardware host controller implementations. Multiple implementations of hardware host controllers allow for evolution and creativity within the USB Spec. Details of this specs are available through this link.