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USB Power Delivery Fast Role Swap (FRS) Switch

The USB Power Delivery Fast Role Swap switches provide a tool to simulate a loss of external power. They are currently available to use for correlation, validation and debugging of USB Fast Role Swap architecture. Please note these are not to be used for USB-IF certification purposes at this time.

The switches support up to 20 volts at up to 10A of current designed to work at full functionality from between 0 to 40 degrees Celsius. The switches should not be loaded for an extended period.

When connecting or disconnecting the DC side spliced power line to the FRS Switch via the banana plug connectors, users *MUST* disconnect the AC/DC power adapter from AC power and ensure all residual power in the AC/DC adapter is discharged.

The USB PD FRS Switch is available to USB-IF Members only. Please find the User Guide here.

USB4 CV Host System

The USB4 CV Host system is utilized in USB4 CV Testing.  The PC system comprises an USB4 Add-In Host Card configured specifically for USB4 CV testing.

This item is available to USB-IF Members only.. Please note this product has a lead of approximately one month. USB4 CV Host System can be ordered by completing and emailing the USB-IF Product Order Form

USB Type-C® Authentication Compliance Bridge (ACB)

The USB Type-CTM Authentication Compliance Bridge (ACB) used with the USB Type-CTM Authentication Test Suite in USB3CV to allow testing of USB PD Authentication Responders. The ACB is required for testing USB PD Sources, Sinks, and Cables that support USB Type-CTM Authentication. The ACB is not needed to test USB devices.

QuadraMAX USB Type-C® and PD Tester

The USB-IF QuadraMAX is an official hardware platform for several certification testing functionalities.  It is an electronic load for the USB Type-C and PD Source Power Tests (SPT), a cable tester for USB Type-C End Product Cable tests (EPC), and it provides a manual control window for custom load testing and PD traffic generation.
The applicable testing specs are available in the Document Library:
USB Type-CTM and Power Delivery Source Power Requirements Test Specification
USB Type-CTM End Product Cable Test Plan
The software can be found here.

QuadraMAX Tool Details

  • The QuadraMAX consists of four sink ports.
  • Up to three QuadraMAXes can be linked for testing devices with up to 12 ports.
  • Each sink can load 100W.  Across four ports the QuadraMAX can maintain 320W load, with a peak of 400W.
  • QuadraMAX uses a CC load and a CR load.  The CR load is achieved with a 75us FW feedback loop.
  • QuadraMAX Vbus tolerance before load drops is 2 V - 2.5 V.  
  • QuadraMAX captures Vbus voltage and current in 15us - 250us adjustable sample rates.  Captures taken during connect / disconnect / voltage transition / load transition / hard reset.
  •  Port 4 can also be programmed to a 5V 5A source.  This is used during cable testing and can also be done for manual debug through the QuadDraw Reins window.
  •  Port 1 has a switchable ground isolation from the other ports during the cable drop test.
  • QuadDraw automatically updates to the latest software and firmware when the controlling computer has an internet connection.

Each QuadraMAX includes the following:

  • Qty 1 - QuadraMAX
  • Qty 1 - Power Supply with ferrite core (12V 4.2A)


USB 3.0 Electrical Test Fixture Kit - OUT OF STOCK

The USB 3.0 Electrical Test Fixture Kit provides a worst case, ISI hardware channel for PHY’s. It is intended to assist companies in testing transmitter signal quality and receiver sensitivity for either hosts or peripherals.

The kit contains five test fixtures and one 5-Volt DC power supply to provide V-Bus to peripherals. The fixtures consist of:

qty 2 – Host Test Fixtures
qty 2 – Device Test Fixtures
qty 1 – Device Calibration Fixture
qty 1 – Cable Assembly to be used in conjunction with the fixtures. Includes a USB 3.0 Standard A to Standard B (3 meter + 1 meter), Standard A to Standard B (4 inch) and Standard A to Micro B (4 inch).

Please refer to the topology diagram. For more information, please contact your test equipment vendor or see the Electrical Compliance Specification.