USB 2.0

USB-IF Full and Low Speed Electrical and Interoperability Compliance Test Procedure

This USB-IF Compliance Test Procedure was developed for all USB products before the advent of high-speed USB products. It documents the required compliance test of full-speed and low-speed signal quality, power delivery. Full speed electrical tests still apply to high speed devices. It documents interoperability tests for all device speeds. These tests are required for high-speed, full-speed, and low-speed USB products.


USBET20 is a stand-alone electrical signal analysis tool for USB Compliance testing. USBET20 is the official compliance electrical analysis tool that performs pass/fail assessments on signal quality and inrush current data captured from an oscilloscope.

USB20CV x32-bit Ver.

USB20CV is the official test tool for device framework testing. As of April 2007, the mass storage class tests and the video class tests are official and mandatory. This software is provided courtesy of Intel Corporation. The installation utility, USB20CV for 32-bit Windows contains USB Command Verifier (USB20CV) and documentation. USB20CV is the compliance test tool which evaluates High, Full and Low-speed USB devices for conformance to the USB Device Framework (Chapter 9), Hub device class (Chapter 11), HID class, and OTG Specification.