USB-IF Virtual Compliance Workshop #128

USB-IF Compliance Workshops are held regularly to promote USB product development. Please remember that all registrants must be USB Implementers Forum members in good standing, and be pre-registered. Please be sure to thoroughly test your products before sending your product to a Compliance Workshop.

USB-IF Virtual Compliance Workshop #128

USB-IF Compliance Workshop #128 will be a virtual workshop (no attendees) at the week of December 13 -16, 2022 at USB-IF Headquarters.Registration is now open. All attendees must be USB Implementers Forum members in good standing and be pre-registered submit their products. We will have limited availability for this workshop.

What is a Virtual Compliance Workshop?
In order to continue to provide this benefit to our members. The USB-IF will be hosting a Virtual Compliance Workshop. A virtual workshop does not have attendees that visit the testing location with their product. For this workshop, the USB-IF will have you ship your product to the USB-IF for testing once your registration has moved from the waitlist.

What’s the cost to attend the USB-IF Virtual Workshop?
Testing will be available to USB-IF members only and it is free. The USB-IF is not responsible for shipping cost to the testing facility or return shipping after testing. There are limited slots available for this workshop. Please complete the registration form below to be placed on the waiting list. Once your registration has been approved, we will move you from the waitlist and provide you the detailed information for shipping your product to the test facility.

What products are eligible to test at this Virtual Workshop?
For this workshop we will be testing PD 3.1 E-Markers (this includes USB4® E-Markers and those that support EPR), PD 3.1 Silicon, PD 3.1 Power Bricks, Power Banks and Power Sinking Devices.   We will not have Vendor Hosted Test Suites. For a more detailed list please see the list included below.

Event Location:

USB-IF Headquarters
Event Dates: December 13-16, 2022
Registration Deadline: Sunday, November 27, 2022 (pending availability)
Product shipping deadline: Friday, December 1, 2022

Quick Links

Registration and Workshop Overview
Testing Schedule and Pretest Requirement
Shipping Information
Cancellation Policy
Testing Information

Important Deadlines

Event Registration Deadline: November 27, 2022 - (subject to availability)

Shipping Deadline: Friday, December 1, 2022

Registration Form

Click Here to Register Now for the Waitlist! (USB-IF Members Only)

All registrations will be placed on a waitlist until the VIF, picture, and registration form can be reviewed. Once the registration has been approved the USB-IF will notify the registrant of its updated status and provide shipping details.

You will receive an email confirming your registration was submitted and that you are on the waitlist. If you do not receive a message please contact

NOTE: Each registrant can only register one product for the workshop. Only complete registrations will be considered. Products on the waiting list are NOT guaranteed a testing slot.

A company may register more than one product for this workshop. However, each product must be registered by a different company representative.

Vendor Info Files are required at time of registration. Please make sure you are using the latest version located at

Registration Categories

New Testing categories at this workshop

  • Fast Role Swap (FRS) capable products compliant with the most current USB Power Delivery 3.1 specification. Informational testing of FRS capable silicon and end-products will be available. FRS capable silicon must be provided on a development platform that allows the USB-IF to test all FRS capabilities.
  • Informational testing to Extended Power Range (EPR) capable products that comply with the most current USB Power Delivery 3.1 specification. Informational test of EPR capable end-products and silicon, Discrete USB Power Delivery Controllers and Integrated USB Data and Power Delivery Controllers. We will certify EPR capable E-Markers.

USB Power Delivery
USB Power Delivery (PD) certification will be available for the following categories:

  • USB4 E-Markers. We will certify E-Markers that support EPR.
  • USB PD 3.1 Only Silicon with PPS (Source for cert, DRP with Source PPS for cert)
  • USB PD 3.1 Only Silicon without PPS (Source, DRP and Sink for cert)
  • USB PD 3.1 Power Brick with PPS
  • USB PD 3.1 Power Brick without PPS
  • USB PD 3.1 E-Marker (does not support Authentication). We will certify USB4 E-Markers.
  • Single Port Power Sinking Device
  • Power Banks (DRP)

All registrations will be placed on the waitlist. You will be notified if your product receives a testing slot and the USB-IF will contact you with shipping information. Products on the waitlist are not guaranteed a testing slot.

Note: All registrants must ship two samples. This includes two power adapters and/or cables if needed.

Please note products seeking USB certification must be using certified connectors.

Categories not Eligible for Certification at this Workshop

  • USB4 end products and silicon (testing at PIL)
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2 and Gen 1, USB 2.0 data products and silicon (testing at test labs)
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2 Host. Hubs, and Compound Devices (testing at PIL or test lab)
  • Sink Chargers with PPS (testing at PIL and workshop for information only)
  • PD 3.1 E-Markers that support Authentication (testing at this workshop is for information only)
  • Products that support USB Authentication / Security Messages (testing at PIL for information only)
  • Multiport products with different capabilities on each port (testing at test lab)
  • Products that support EPR (testing at this workshop for information only except E-Markers)
  • Products that support FRS (testing at this workshop is for information only)

Pretest Requirement

VIFs and .jpg pictures are now required during registration. Only products with complete registration information will be considered. Please make sure you are using the latest version of the VIF generator ( located at

The USB-IF intends to test battery-powered devices with a dead battery in addition to normal testing. Bringing your product with a discharged battery (i.e. device will not turn on) is required. This is to investigate dead battery current consumption. If your product has a battery you must bring a fully charged and dead battery in order to be eligible for certification.

Shipping Information

Shipping information and instructions will be provided to you once the product has been accepted for testing. Products that are approved will need to arrive to USB-IF by Friday, December 1, 2022. We require that you ship two samples of your product once accepted. Labeling instructions will be provided once your registration has been approved.

Please note the USB-IF is not responsible for loss or damage due to shipping your product. The USB-IF is not responsible for any customs and duties fees, taxes or shipping costs for your product to and from testing. We recommend you ship your package with a tracking number.

Cancellation Policy

If you become unable to ship an already approved product to this workshop, please notify us as soon as possible by email to so your testing reservation can be released to other members with products to test.

Companies that no-show or do not cancel their testing reservation(s)  for the upcoming workshop in writing to by midnight (PT) Sunday, November 27, 2022 will not be eligible to test at the next scheduled Compliance Workshop, and subject to a $500 cancellation fee. The cancellation fee must be paid before the company will be eligible to register for future workshops. This policy will be strictly enforced.

Testing Information

USB-IF Compliance Program

Devices with captive cables must use a connector currently on the Integrators List. Devices using a detachable cable must use a cable assembly currently on the Integrators List.

For details on the tests performed see the USB-IF Compliance Program.

Interoperability testing will be on Windows 10.

Attention Members Seeking Certification for their Devices:

Compliance workshops run on a schedule and there is a limited amount of time available to test your product.  It is your responsibility to ensure that all required tests are performed on your product.  Please refer to the USB 3.2 test Matrix and USB Type-C Test Matrix.

The product must be able to be tested in the time allotted.  The USB-IF cannot guarantee that all tests can be performed on your device in the time allocated.  Compliance Workshops are certification events and are not meant for debug.There is little time, if any, for debugging so be sure to thoroughly test the device beforehand.  Any test marked “incomplete” will prevent certification.  Please be sure to ask the volunteers executing the tests for a copy of the test results and review them carefully before leaving the workshop.  The USB-IF is not responsible for missing results.

The test schedule is based on information obtained from the online device registration.  If your product is unusual (has more than one USB connector, includes an embedded host, requires special equipment to operate, etc…) please contact the USB‑IF Administration prior to the workshop to make arrangements for special handling.  The USB-IF reserves the right to require additional tests upon inspection of the device at the workshop.

Retesting is permitted by permission only pending available time.  If corrections are made to a device during the workshop, obtain a Retest Slip from the hospitality suite.  A detailed explanation of the failure and the corrections performed is needed in order to determine what compliance tests are to be performed.  There is no assurance that time will be available to retest a device.

All tests are to be performed on one device.  Exchanging a device with another during compliance testing is strictly prohibited. If a device must be replaced due to a breakdown, all tests on the broken device become void and a complete retest is required.

A product's admittance to the Integrator's List is based, in part, on a handful of compliance tests performed in the USB-IF suites. As time goes on and the technology matures we will add tests for problems discovered in these suites. Some tests are provided to raise awareness of potential problems in products and others are required to pass the workshop for the purposes of getting a product listed on the Integrator's List. For specific information regarding the requirements for Integrator's List qualification, see the Compliance Program Area of this site.

Products that pass the appropriate USB Implementers Forum tests will be listed on an Implementers Forum confidential "Integrators List" which a number of USB Implementers Forum companies use to make product purchase decisions.


Compliance workshop participants are responsible for all shipping, taxes, and custom fees for their product.


If you have issues not covered by the provided information, please email